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We are DaPhi GmbH. An IT system house in Berlin. A system house with a face. A face that consists of more than twenty separate faces. Under this rubric, we present ourselves, our approach, our visions and our history and what we have to say. Details, from which concepts such as "Experience" or "Know-how" exist in the first place.

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A press release

PM „Man legt nicht einfach nur einen Schalter um.“ (Oktober 2012) WORD | PDF


The MEININGER hotels are now offering free Internet for all guests with DaPhix Free WIFI. We installed the free Internet access in all 16 (at the time of the press report) MEININGER hotels that run via our DaPhix  communications system.


DaPhi in the press


Just as the hostel industry is beginning to boom, today's DaPhi managers are at the right place at the right time. They furnish hostels with a well-thought-out system for Internet access, later with the entire IT. Berlin Maximal has taken up this subject of Growth .

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