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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi are simply faster

Simply faster

(Berlin, 14.02.2020) The IT industry is popular for its technical terms alone... Ever heard of HCI, a Hyperconverged Infrastructure? If you remember any of your Latin-lessons, you can guess that in this construct something comes a bit closer to the other. And that is exactly it! Things approach each other until in the end they are one. Whereas in the past virtualization, network and storage were managed on separate hardware, today this is done with a single modular hardware. This means that the space needed by these applications can be flexibly allocated and thus becomes faster. With the usage of SSDs instead of conventional hard disks, which DaPhi uses ever since the beginning of the year, you could as well call this hyperfast. So what's new with DaPhi? Simply put, we have modernized our data center and are now simply faster!

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi wish a wonderful Advent season!

Sweet variety

(Berlin, 02.12.2019) We as DaPhi, but also we as society are constantly working on shortening waiting times. Be it through faster Wi-Fi, faster processors, faster memory, more efficient service or even faster overcoming of distances through faster traffic routes and vehicles. All this makes sense and gives us time elsewhere, saving our customers time in our case. In this context, Advent, which is about waiting, seems to be out of place.

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Berlin based IT experts at DaPhi love to use the Ekahau Sidekick

IT stamina

(Berlin, 01.11.2019) Have you ever heard of IT stamina? We have. Just place a notebook in front of your chest and walk around a building, mostly hotels with several floors, whose WI-FI coverage you want to control and optimize. Since we have been using the Ekahau Sidekick, however, no great muscular effort is required. The Sidekick is a small device that you hang around like a messenger bag. In this manner the WI-FI coverage of a building or a floor can be checked quite comfortably. At the same time, you can view and optimize the results via the software on a lightweight tablet.

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi were once again successfully recertified according to the DIN standard ISO 9001:2015

DaPhi remains reliable

(Berlin, 14.10.2019) DaPhi was taking work for clients from the hotel industry right from the start. Most of them are located in Germany, but we also take care of some customers abroad, for whom we send our employees across the EU. From time to time we also travel to England, where in London we have a MEININGER branch and two hostels of the Clink Group in our portfolio. To no surprise, alone because of this Brexit concerns us. Even if this might only be a small part of our business, and therefore a small business risk, we do not want to lose our customers there. Actually, we even would like to win new British customers. But what will the future look like? Politics do not permit a clear assessment. Will it soon be cheaper for companies in England to hire domestic service providers? Will there be new customs regulations, new rules, a new currency?

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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi are the main sponsors of the 2nd men´s soccer team of TuS Sachsenhausen

Clothes make people

(Berlin, 20.08.2019) Clothes make people. At the latest since Gottfried Keller's novella of the same name in 1874, this has been a winged word. A poor apprentice tailor is mistaken for a Polish count because of his elegant clothes. However, the 2nd men´s soccer team of TuS Sachsenhausen does not need to give a false impression, even if the fancy new jerseys sponsored by DaPhi would certainly help. The team was easily able to win the first match of the Kreisoberliga 10:0 against the FV Preussen Eberswalde II on the weekend by themselves. DaPhi congratulates and is even more happy to be the main sponsor of those successful goal scorers.

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