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Roof terrace power station

The new roof terrace power station of Berlin IT system house DaPhi

(Berlin, 06.07.2021) Renewable energies are an interesting topic. Their necessity is a social consensus, but when it comes to construction measures, especially with the mighty wind turbines, things get tricky. It is easier on a small scale, especially when you are lucky enough to have your own roof terrace in front of your office. As we are lucky enough, we were now able to inaugurate our own solar power station in the shape of solar panels.

In the last increasingly hot summers we became more and more aware of the energetic potential of our roof terrace, at the latest when we could not avoid setting up a pool as a cool down offer for our staff. Now we have decided to finally use this potential. Renewable energies and above all the self-aware use of energy are not new topics for DaPhi. Already in 2011, we chose to use one hundred percent electricity from renewable energies. In 2017, we added a van, powered a hundred percent by electricity. Now we complemented this series by the solar panels. The path of this electricity from the roof to our computers  is simply unbeatably short. No power line has to be built. Being IT-experts it brings a smile to our face thinking of this as a remarkably actual way of virtualisation.

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