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Only 1000 metres - DaPhi is moving

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi move to Bornitzstraße 51 in 10365 Berlin

(Berlin, 26.02.2024) We all know that we need a change of scenery from time to time. Change brings new inspiration, new ideas and sometimes... bike parking! That wasn't the main reason for choosing our new office space, but it was very much nice to have for our employees and customers. Yes - DaPhi is moving! But not that far away. We are staying in our home district Lichtenberg, moving just 1000 metres away from our current location in Normannenstraße to a comfortable new building at Bornitzstraße 51. From there we will be offering our IT services from 1 March.

We had grown very fond of our office over almost twenty years, but it has also become increasingly narrow over time. A few years back we already had to rent additional space at a second floor to accommodate our expanding business and, of course, the increased number of employees. Now we are delighted to finally be able to bring the entire team together on one floor again in the new premises. We also have a state oft he art infrastructure and improved room climate control. Despite all this, we remain easily accessible for our customers by all means of transport. By bike it's only five minutes more, coming from the south, and as you already know – parking is easy now.

By the way, you can reach us by phone as usual.

New DaPhi address from 01.03.2024: Bornitzstraße 51, 10365 Berlin (link to Google Maps)

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