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Local recreation area

DaPhi´s local recreation area at 2020´s ITB Berlin

(Berlin, 02.03.2020) Unfortunately, the ITB Berlin has been cancelled this year as a protective measure against a spread of the corona virus. According to current information, the world's largest tourism trade fair will thus be completely cancelled for this year. It's a pity, because otherwise we would have opened a branch at the ITB Berlin, as we have done for the last 16 years. But the following is now obsolete:

Ever since the very first minute of our company history we are busily working for the hospitality sector and therefore we are quite well accustomed in the area of the holiday topic. Through the presentations of former partner countries of the ITB we had the pleasure to see the whole world promenading past us. Currently no country is linked to the ITB, so we will take the chance to follow another trend: the discovery of local recreation areas.

The best thing would be to bring the large roof terrace of our office in Lichtenberg right to the ITB, including a small pool and a large sun umbrella. That is where we realize our claim of a good work-life balance for our team. Since we are not yet able to do this despite our great competence in virtualization, we have thought of a very practical alternative: we will create a garden on site at the ITB! There we will let interested parties and business partners combine business with a feeling of time out. A little vacation in our local recreation area, where studying our portfolio for the hotel industry will feel almost like leafing through a photo album. Give it a try!

Visit ITB Berlin´s official website.

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