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"It's all working!"

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for the Industriepalast Hostel located in Berlin

(Berlin, 11.06.2019) IT has the reputation to be a darn complicated thing. And that is often justified. So sometimes it's nice when you get something simple out of coping with the complex. For example a sentence like: "It's all working!" Ulli Weida, Marketing Manager of the Berlin Hostel Industriepalast (IP), used it when we asked him about the biggest advantage of the freshly and completely renovated Hostel IT.

DaPhi had already set up the first WiFi infrastructure for the opening of the 400-bed house on Warschauer Strasse in Berlin in 2010. Back then several existing devices had been integrated into the concept. "A few years ago, however, we also replaced all the equipment in this area and opted for a leasing variant from DaPhi," Weida continues: "It's simply good to have someone who can deal with difficult circumstances. Especially when, like us, you also have basement rooms that are to be supplied with WiFi. You need someone who is familiar with the appropriate technologies. And in that respect DaPhi has always been a good partner in the past."

DaPhi managing director Philipp Krey is happy about how the successful implementation of the IT wishes worked for the IP-Hostel: "It was a classic approach, not opting for a cloud solution, but for an own server. On one hand, you are independent of the Internet connection, it is cheaper and you have more configuration options. When operating a hotel, the office applications have to be reconciled with other components such as the booking system or key card programming." Weida nods: "It's a matter of weighing up which components work together best - and there we relied on DaPhi." In the end, it's not such a complicated strategy.

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