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Internet via satellite

The Starlink (Photo by Dustin Melzer)

(Berlin, 07.06.2023) Challenges are the icing on the cake of every committed entrepreneur. Of course, we in Berlin like to remember Otto Lilienthal, for whom the assumption that mankind will never be able to fly inspired him to prove the contrary. DaPhi itself was born over twenty years ago from the task of developing a prepaid system for internet access for the emerging hostel scene from the scratch. In DaPhi's most recent challenge, to provide an attractive internet offer for the guests of the new LyvInn Hotel without a fibre connection, the glance to space of one Elon Musk proved to be a good idea at the right time. With his Starlink offer, we were able to connect a hotel to the internet via satellite for the first time.

"Actually, a classic fibre optic connection was planned for the new LyvInn Hotel," recounts DaPhi project manager Dustin Melzer, "but due to a lack of staff at the internet providers in the area of line commissioning and in the authorities, the targeted date for the requested commissioning of the internet line kept getting postponed. After 20 weeks, the line was still not connected. Meanwhile, the construction progressed faster and the hotel would definitely open earlier. We needed an adequate interim solution." A connection via LTE was not an option due to performance fluctuations. That's when the offer of Starlink came in handy, a high-speed, low-latency service made possible by the world's largest constellation of sophisticated satellites operating in low orbit around the Earth. Dustin Melzer is enthusiastic: "The network coverage is excellent. The hydraulic control of the receiver allows us to calibrate and fine-tune the system from our Berlin headquarters at any time."

The brand-new concept of LyvInn caters to the needs of modern travelers who crave not only a comfortable stay but also value-added experiences throughout their day. Beyond exceptional overnight accommodation, LyvInn take pride in providing a versatile co-working space, allowing guests to effortlessly transition between work and relaxation. With their unwavering commitment to delivering a flawless internet experience, you can trust that staying connected is top priority.

Discover the full potential of LyvInn Hotels by visiting the official website and feel free to contact DaPhi if you too are interested in an internet specialist with a soft spot for challenges for your property in accommodation.

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