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Foresight wanted

(Berlin, 23.06.2015) Our new client, GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH (the german branch of GRTgaz), runs one of the most important pipeline systems in Germany which connects the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and France. Here we are definitely talking distances. Such a project demands some foresight, if you want the gas to arrive safely in another country. So it is not a surprise that GRTgaz awaits the same kind of foresight from its service providers and demands high profile quality management. How is a rollback organized? In IT terms that is how you call the reset of an IT-System. DaPhi´s standards in documentation proved decisive in getting the job of being GRTgaz Deutschlands IT-Partner.

But it is not only about extraordinary events. A system that we are in charge of should work safely on an everyday basis. We put a strong emphasis on the working environment of a Dispatcher. The Dispatchers are the people who have an eye on the pipeline 24 hours a day. The team coordinates the gas being fed in into the pipeline and supplied again elsewhere, supervising the pressure in the pipeline, so that the energy gets savely from one place to another.

GRTgaz Deutschland is a fully-owned subsidiary of the French company GRTgaz SA. As a shareholder of MEGAL GRTgaz Deutschland works as an operator of this pipeline system in Germany.

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