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DaPhi casts a shadow

Das Berliner IT Systemhaus DaPhi betreut die STENUM Fachklinik für Orthopädie

(Ganderkesee, 13.10.2015) STENUM is unique, states the official website of this clinic, highly specialised in orthopaedics. It is unique for being located in the wonderful countryside of the north-german Eichenwald (oak forest) and unique because of its history, that reaches well into the 19th century. And it is very unique in offering the ability to enjoy the comforts of modern orthopaedics in such a beautiful place, being a regular National Health patient. Oh so unique? Well... we´re sorry, but DaPhi casts a small shadow on this: we took away the uniqueness of the server-room.

The site, where the clinic is located today, looks back on over a hundred years of history. At the end of the 19th century, Hermine de Voss, a wealthy merchants daughter, had her space for recreation built there, as well as a Sundays school. Her social and educational sense of responsibility earned her the name "Angel of Stenum". As this place was always connected to the idea of convalescence, it is a place of tradition, but furthermore a place in the spirit of progress: an integral way of looking at orthopaedical treatment on a very high level.

Working on a high level means to involve latest methods and technical equipment. In a modern clinic there is digital documentation in almost every aspect: planning an operation, x-ray analysis, accounting and so much more. STENUM does not trust on a simple backup which copies data in intervals. In case of a server failure you would have to reset the IT-infrastructure and play back all the data from the backup. A time-intensive case in an environment where you do not have extra time: the clinic is open and working 24 hours  a day. If the IT-infrastructure would not work, this would have an effect on the clinics workflow. So STENUM decided on a solution to clone the server-room completely and asked DaPhi to set up two identical, mirrored server-systems in two separate rooms, which are now working simultaneously. If one system should not function, the other stands in for his identical twin on the spot. There would not be any loss of time. And nobody would even recognize. Well, sounds perfect? Right! It is only a bit sad for the uniqueness of the server-room, now that it has got a clone.

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