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A powerful leading role

Cisco Meraki for all MEININGER Hotels

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi integrated Cisco Meraki in all MEININGER Hotels

(Berlin, 30.07.2016) MEININGER Hotels were always interested in an individual character for each dependance, integrating all sorts of typical flavour the culture or architecture at each location was offering. Being MEININGER´s IT-partner for many years we had the privilege to watch its rise from a heart-lived project started by only a few friends to a successful group of hotels all over Europe. Some of the places were bulit from scratch, others were established in places with a history to them. Certainly often with a technical history, leaving every MEININGER Hotel with its own special WIFI character. But as you go along your cast gets too diverse and you suddenly long for a powerful leading role. So let us introduce Cisco Meraki which we installed under the premises of our DaPhix Professional Offer. One unique, fast and modern WIFI-system, which can be used by guests and staff and at the same time is able to separate those two user-groups.

Cisco Meraki is offering a homogeneous solution for demanding business-applications. Technical quality is bundled with outstanding centralized management, visibility and control features. Through this cloud-based solution offered by DaPhi travellers are now able to enjoy the same, modern, fast and stable Guest-WIFI at every MEININGER Hotel.

But we will not dig too deep for details here as our colleagues from Cisco Meraki already did, in their excellent case-study, to be found at their official german website.


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