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Cloud Services


SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

The cloud offers a company the opportunity to optimise business processes, concentrate efforts, increase effectiveness and flexibility. It is thus much more than just economising on software licenses or hardware.

The effectiveness of a cloud solution in this connection depends on the integration of the available systems into the cloud. DaPhi ensures the fine tuning of all process involved in the result, the interfaces between users and devices, applications and operating systems, networks and storage. For a cloud must be looked at holistically in order to guarantee maximal success.

The IT system house DaPhi offers the experience and dependability that is derived from long-time management of virtualisation projects and successfully implemented cloud migrations.

Our service does not end in the computing centre, but rather ranges to the applications in the business operations.

In the Cloud and now?

Office365, ShareFile, Azure, Amazon, Sharepoint ...

You have realised parts of your IT with cloud services. The unit and the overview are slowly getting lost.

  • Are there alternative providers?
  • What about business applications that still require a classic Windows?
  • Can the cloud services be integrated better?
  • Where is the data of our business stored?
  • Did we provide for security?

DaPhi supports you and helps you answer the question of "Cloud! - What now?" for your business and your processes