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Mobile Device Management

Through increasingly greater use of non-business and mobile end devices, security-related decisions in a company-wide IT must also consider the mobile or BOYD aspect.

The task of coordinating mobile, non-business devices with the most diverse systems while taking the security requirements of your business into consideration cannot be done without mobile device management.

In addition, highly mobile users present your IT with the challenge of dealing with business tasks on the most diverse systems without having to become familiar with the technical backgrounds.

Configure, secure and support mobile end devices with mobile device managements. Protect business data on every end device or business property through targeted deleting of a device if it has been lost or stolen or does not met compliance specifications.

DaPhi supports you in the implementation of a mobile device management solution or makes this available for lease in our cloud.

Best Practice how to make BYOD simple and secure

BYOD_ Best Practices to Make BYOD SImple and Secure.pdf (620.4 KiB)