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Desktop virtualisation and centralisation

Daphi offers customised options for virtual and highly mobile desktop solutions as a certified Citrix Service Provider and VmWare partner.

Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop is a desktop which is decoupled from a dedicated end device. This is located on servers in the cloud or in your computing centre. Through centralisation and cloud technologies, you obtain highly mobile, low maintenance and readily available work environments.

Reduce costs

Modern work environments must be uniform in their technology, be individual in appearance; they must be readily available and compliant. At the same time, not only the costs per user as but also those for maintenance and operation are to be reduced.

Using the technologies of Citrix, VmWare and the application of ThinClients at fixed workstations, we can meet these requirements.

Get your desktop moving!

Move your desktop into the cloud or use cloud technologies in your own computing centre.

With Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, it doesn't matter which end device you use to access your desktop or your applications. Begin your work on the ThinClient in the office, continue working on your notebook in the taxi and present it on the iPad.

With cloud-based, virtualised desktops, you take advantage of all the current technologies to make your desktop mobile.

Your workstation follows you!