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Virtual applications and desktops

Thanks to mobility, employees have the freedom to work anywhere at any time. At the same time, this has however led to a multitude of complications for the IT. Employees nowadays no longer exclusively use Windows applications which are carried out on Windows-based end devices but also native mobile apps for their work.

They need access to both types of applications on every end device including Windows-based and Mac laptops as well as tablets and smartphones. Mobile applications provide for new challenges in performance and user comfort.

This raises the question of how you can make the most current applications available on all mobile employee end devices. Employees change locations as well as end devices.

Citrix XenApp enables an unprecedented level of mobility and productivity for companies. This is achieved by making Windows applications and data available in an optimised and secure manner – on any end device anywhere, with the greatest user comfort. Citrix XenMobile supplements XenApp with security and control functions for native mobile applications and data on every end device.

How XenApp and XenDesktop drastically simplify data protection, access control and other critical security tasks

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Desktops and applications on mobile devices