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The DaPhi team

DaPhi GmbH currently employs 27 employees, including four apprentices. We rely on lean structures and keep overhead costs low. We are not the type of business that has more staff in Sales and Marketing than in "Production".

Presently 22 IT technicians assist medium-sized business customers throughout Europe.

Our technicians are organised into 3 teams with primary customer affiliations. Our ISO 9001 quality management systems and our exact documentation policy guarantee assistance and expertise also across teams for our customers at all times.

Our partnerships with chosen IT system houses guarantee fast support throughout Europe.


Daniel Strobl
Daniel Strobl

Daniel Strobl

is the Managing Director of DaPhi GmbH. He manages the commercial business and is, as the manager of the Research and Development, responsible for the strategic alignment of the firm.

Philipp Krey

is the Managing Director of DaPhi GmbH. He is an engineer with a degree (Diplom) In Technical Computer Engineering. He establishes DaPhi GmbH's reputation as a "fair business partner" anew every day.

Our teams

Our technicians are organised in 3 teams - Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Customer responsibilities guarantee you constant contact.

Based on flat hierarchies, fast, cross-team expertise and fast assistance is always guaranteed.