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Simply faster

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi are simply faster

(Berlin, 14.02.2020) The IT industry is popular for its technical terms alone... Ever heard of HCI, a Hyperconverged Infrastructure? If you remember any of your Latin-lessons, you can guess that in this construct something comes a bit closer to the other. And that is exactly it! Things approach each other until in the end they are one. Whereas in the past virtualization, network and storage were managed on separate hardware, today this is done with a single modular hardware. This means that the space needed by these applications can be flexibly allocated and thus becomes faster. With the usage of SSDs instead of conventional hard disks, which DaPhi uses ever since the beginning of the year, you could as well call this hyperfast. So what's new with DaPhi? Simply put, we have modernized our data center and are now simply faster!

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