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Berlin based IT experts DaPhi take work for Schulz Hotels | Unified Communications with 3cx

(Berlin, 18.07.2018) "Schulz – the German cosmopolitan embodies our new society." That is how the Schulz story begins, the story of the new Schulz hotel opening August, 18th just next to Berlin´s famous East Side Gallery. A new name, that is going to connect modern entrepreneurship with social responsibility. They set out to take the concept of a hotel a step further. Therefore they called DaPhi on board to take care of the technical side of it. And we are keen on taking a big next step as we open up new possibilities in communication for the Schulz team. This is connected to a state of the art telephone system situated in a cloud: Unified Communications.

Having already put everything into place, it is possible to book rooms by calling the official new telephone number although the hotel still looks a bit like a building site. That is because the telephone system is not located in an actual room, it is operating from inside a virtual cloud. From there all the staff is interconnected. The times where you had to forward a call to another phone are about to dissolve into nostalgia, as well as an ISDN connection. Being logged into the company´s network, each member of staff has its own personal extension number and is available for contact without having to jump between several software solutions. On one hand it is possible to check ones presence status - is the person busy, free, off to lunch or does not want to be disturbed - on the other hand one is free to choose whichever way of communicating. One can send text messages, get faxes already converted into PDFs directly into ones mailbox, start conferences either with or without moving images. Somebody working from a home office can be contacted through his usual office telephone number. Even in more complex company-structures certain telephone numbers can be addressed with different ringtones.

We think you get the idea - especially for cosmopolitans and companies with staff in motion Unified Communications is a fine thing. We would be delighted to connect you as well with this new technology.

Find out more about Schulz Hotels at their official website

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