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IT stamina

Berlin based IT experts at DaPhi love to use the Ekahau Sidekick

(Berlin, 01.11.2019) Have you ever heard of IT stamina? We have. Just place a notebook in front of your chest and walk around a building, mostly hotels with several floors, whose WI-FI coverage you want to control and optimize. Since we have been using the Ekahau Sidekick, however, no great muscular effort is required. The Sidekick is a small device that you hang around like a messenger bag. In this manner the WI-FI coverage of a building or a floor can be checked quite comfortably. At the same time, you can view and optimize the results via the software on a lightweight tablet.

A further advantage: the Ekahau software is particularly suitable for planning WI-FI coverage for buildings that do not yet exist, as well as for future conversions in existing buildings. In order to create a three-dimensional signal illumination, we only need CAD plans of the building with dimensions and material specifications. In this way, we can determine the necessary number and position of routers for WI-FI coverage through a simulation and have a close eye on construction costs and WI-FI quality in advance.

However, we were now worried about our employees stamina. Should we convert the old PC towers in the back of our workshop into IT barbells... But ever since we are into sponsoring more traditional sports at DaPhi, we know that there are more elegant ways to train your endurance.

Find out more about Ekahau at their official website: Ekahau website

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