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DaPhi remains reliable

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi were once again successfully recertified according to the DIN standard ISO 9001:2015

(Berlin, 14.10.2019) DaPhi was taking work for clients from the hotel industry right from the start. Most of them are located in Germany, but we also take care of some customers abroad, for whom we send our employees across the EU. From time to time we also travel to England, where in London we have a MEININGER branch and two hostels of the Clink Group in our portfolio. To no surprise, alone because of this Brexit concerns us. Even if this might only be a small part of our business, and therefore a small business risk, we do not want to lose our customers there. Actually, we even would like to win new British customers. But what will the future look like? Politics do not permit a clear assessment. Will it soon be cheaper for companies in England to hire domestic service providers? Will there be new customs regulations, new rules, a new currency?

Ever since 2010 we have been certified according to the DIN standard ISO 9001. In 2015, this standard was extended to include proactive risk management, which encourages companies to deal with any problems that may arise at an early stage. The Brexit is a good example of such an eventuality. We stay attentive to adapt our processes according to the outcome of the negotiations. DaPhi wants to remain reliable, which is why we have again successfully recertified for this quality management standard.

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