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DaPhi cools down

DaPhi´s roof terrace pool

(Berlin, 22.07.2019) DaPhi has always attached great importance to the satisfaction of its employees. Time and again there are joint events, barbecues are held on the roof terrace, and otherwise the well-being is also taken into account. As for example now again when on 26.06. it became clear that in our office under the roof an air conditioning would be a nice thing. Berlin experienced with 37.5 degrees Celsius the hottest June day since the beginning of weather recording. Cooling down was necessary. And so we have recently started to call a pool our own!

It has become cooler again at the moment, but in the next few days the sun will certainly heat up the roof tiles in the Lichtenberger Normannenstraße again. And as long as you don't want to roll up your trousers for a short Kneipp bath yourself, every employee can let his own governor duck in the water.

The DaPhi team wishes you a good summer!

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