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DaPhi comes of age

Berlin based IT experts DaPhi celebrate their 18th anniversary

(Berlin, 21.06.2018) With 37 degrees Celsius on June, 21st 2000 Berlin came to experience the hottest start into a summer ever recorded. Daniel Strobl and Philipp Krey made had just made friends at the Technische Universität Berlin where they both were enrolled in computer sciences. They started their first project together programming a prepaid-system to be used in Germany´s first hostel whilst listening to their favourite Depeche Mode songs. Therefore they founded a company called DaPhi. Many weather extremes and IT-projects later DaPhi celebrates its 18th birthday this month.

Having created a functional solution for guest communication in hotels, the future at this early stage of the new millennium was wide open for this young offspring. Actually mobile internet was just starting to become a household name whilst the market for city travels was exploding. Early DaPhi clients like MEININGER or A&O were able to benefit from this in expanding throughout Europe. DaPhi was onboard, growing up to become full scale IT experts, hosting ITB Berlin´s internet-café ever since 2003.

Today DaPhi is responsible for IT projects all over Europe and still curious for new technologies waiting around the corner, keen on having its share in creating those new trends. In fact DaPhi belongs to one of the few companies using an electronic car in Berlin (no hybrid!). And they were on the forefront of Cloud-Technology. "For  a human to come of age means to be officially allowed to finally do everything you want. The world opens up", comments CEO Daniel Strobl on the anniversary: "and in this sense we´re looking forward to many more hot summers to come."

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